SAP Quality

Quality Assurance (QA) – As per IEEE, Quality Assurance (QA) can be defined as “A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the item or product conforms to established technical requirements”1 .

QA is the responsibility of the entire team, and it involves preventing errors and corrects errors when found.

Quality Control (QC) – QC is a set of activities focused on finding defects in specific product or deliverables. It involves finding defects and resolving it. It is the responsibility of the team member.


Review of Project Related Development

This service provides a management and Quality Assurance review of Project Related Development. This review is delivered by our experts, leveraging their experience in the management and delivery of the development activity. The review will examine project related developments and, among other things, will confirm their compliance with SAP and internal project development standards.

Testing Strategy Assessment

The Testing Strategy Assessment is designed to identify organizational approaches that provide suggestions for the following:

Reduce the cost associated with developing and maintaining manual and automated test artifacts;

How to deploy Test Accelerators into a customer environment;

Manage quality throughout the life cycle;

Plan for adequate testing procedures like infrastructure and resources.

Strategy Development for Education

Learning and Deployment Strategies are used to provide senior project executives with the knowledge necessary to plan for and deploy effective education solutions for their SAP system. Deploying the right strategy and solutions for each user group can significantly reduce the risk and impact of the SAP deployment and enable the users to achieve greater proficiency, faster.


Design Review of SAP Solution

The purpose of this service is to provide a proactive review of the design of the SAP solution which is being implemented. It delivers an impartial analysis of all aspects of the solution design across all relevant design perspectives and leads to an early detection of potential solution risks and offers actionable risk mitigation recommendations. These projects must have us as the prime integrator or playing a support role. The service is an integral part of project quality management and should be included in the appropriate Project Quality Gates.

The Review of Project Management

This service is designed to provide feedback and recommendations on the structure and effectiveness of the management of the project or program. The purpose of the project management review is to provide a proactive and impartial analysis of the management aspects of the project — across all project management disciplines, enabling early detection of project issues with actionable recommendations.

Security Review for SAP Business Suite

The Security Review for SAP Business Suite provides an independent and objective assessment of each SAP Business Suite security area in relation to the stated business requirements. The objective of the Security Review is to improve security controls while reducing risks, cost of ownership and vulnerability by leveraging the SAP security best practice implementation. The review will examine the current security practices, technical and business infrastructure, and corporate security strategy. We will then determine how to approach each of the key security scope domains providing system audit information that customers can use to address their internal and external system audit requirements.

Risk Advisory Service for Implementations

The Risk Advisory Service for Implementations is designed to enable customers and partners to better understand the risks associated with the implementation of a number of complex products. The service helps partners and customers benefit from SAP’s knowledge about these complex solutions and thereby mitigate these risks. The foundation provided, as a result of the service, can be used by the customer to proactively manage the identified risks and enable them to drive changes earlier, more easily and with less effort.

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