Supplier Interactive Portal

What is Supplier Interactive Portal

Vendor lifecycle management is one of key areas that any organization manages. A robust and seamless system keeps our suppliers happy. A procurement system is incomplete without high quality Supplier Master Data & its integration with Enterprise / Legacy system.

SIP is a self-service supplier portal allowing suppliers to enter and request/maintain master data for your organization and transmit data to ther Enterprise System system digitally.

Supplier Interactive Portal - Features

Online Supplier Self-Registration

User friendly and easy to implement

Time savings and the elimination of data errors

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Seamless Integration with any Enterprise System

Creation or updates to Supplier/Vendor Master in Enterprise System upon submission to the application in real time.

Captures Supplier Address, Locations, and Contacts

Self-service assures of data accuracy and allows for maximum data input of all allowed and necessary data fields.

Allows Supplier to select list of Products/Services add attachments

Know who-supplies-what services and products

Suppliers access SIP Portal

SIP provides User ID for the Supplier Admin who is responsible to update/maintain their data

Allows Buyer(s) to Approve registration form

Integrate with your procurement business processes

All departments such as Finance, Supply Chain, Operations have access to Supplier master data

Search Suppliers based on:


Federal Employer ID

Company Name and Address

Buyer can track the Supplier Master Record changes

How SIP can help the Organization

Impacts Procurement processes, enabling the organization to decrease costs and improve the overall efficiency in procurement of goods and services

Improves the efficiency of how your organization does business

Increases Return on Investment

Choose from On-Prem or Cloud based solution

Option for out-right purchase or SaaS

SIP - Architecture